Bfree écouter votre musique

Discover the BFree, wireless earphones, designed to guarantee you a comfortable listening experience and complete freedom of movement.

You can listen to music, or even make and answer calls.

They are compatible with all your Bluetooth devices. A perfect combination of simplicity and high tech, for a surprising musical experience.


With one gesture,
you can connect the BFree
earphones to your device, and
they remain connected from
the very first use. They
guarantee you a high-quality
sound experience.

Bfree écouter votre musique

battery life

The BFree battery lasts
up to 2 hours, so you can
get where you need to go.
The battery can last up to
80 hours in sleep mode.

Caractéristiques Techniques


8.2 grammes


43.5 x 17.2 x 18.5 (mm)

Version Bluetooth


Gamme de Fréquence

2.4GHz band (2.4000 - 2.4835)

Profil Bluetooth


Autonomie de la Batterie

Appels (3.5 heures) / Lecture Musique (80 minutes)

Condition de Température Minimale

-10°C - 50°C

Tension de Charge


Bfree écouter votre musique
Réponse en Fréquence

20HZ - 20KHZ

Impédance du Produit

32Ω ± 15%




Environ 10 mètres

Température de Stockage

-20°C - 65°C

Autonomie de la Batterie (En Veille)

80 heures

Temps de Charge de la Batterie

60 minutes

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